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Is hair living? Well, depends. If your hair is falling out, it’s dying. If it’s breaking off, it’s still alive. At Hair Living we hope to introduce those suffering from hair loss new ways to live with hair loss – and make that dying hair living once again.  Find out from the root up if you’ve got a chance to restore your hair.

Our site looks at hair loss causes and solutions for men, women and children with a focus on prevention, treatment and understanding.  Before you look for a doctor to do a hair transplant, read our site and find out what the cause of your hair loss really is.

Hair Loss in Men

  • Hair Loss Causes for Men (Male Pattern Balding, Prescription Drug Hair Loss, Marijuana Hair Loss, Fungal Infections, etc.)
  • Balding and Hair Loss Solutions (Rogaine, Propecia, Prescription Pills, Hair Loss Shampoos, Vitamins, Lifestyle Changes, Doctor Hair Transplants, Injections)

Hair Loss in Women

Whether you decide to fight your hair loss with prescription pills, vitamins and supplements or try using shampoos, creams or oils. If you want surgical solutions or simply to make lifestyle changes. We have all the information for you to choose the right solution for you specifically.

The underlying idea of our site is to help people take their hair loss seriously. To look at different options, be educated, be prepared and most importantly, choose a solution that’s right. It’s easy to jump right to extreme solutions, like prescription medicine, but it might not be needed! Sometimes, some vitamins and lifestyle changes can help your hair return, other times, you might need medicine. Of course you should consult with your doctor, but go prepared! Read up on our causes of hair loss before you do anything. You might be surprised at the things that might cause hair loss. Hopefully, we can help you be more prepared for your doctor’s visit.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Hair Living!

Lily Chen, Editor, HairLiving.com

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