About Us

Hair Living is a project I started after dealing with my own hair loss crisis. It was really frustrating that there weren’t any sites that I felt “spoke” to me. I didn’t like the sad and weepy tones of the women’s hair loss sites and the men’s sites offered no solutions for me. I didn’t want to cry about my hair loss, read tear-jerking stories or buy generic Propecia (lol). Nor did I want some sort of radical solution without trying simpler solutions. Plus, I did all this research for myself, so it would be a huge waste to just throw it away.

I spoke to my friend Dan who does websites and he said he’d design the site for me if I put links to sell stuff from it so one day it can make money (it takes lots of time to make this site!) So, if you buy stuff through the links on the sites, I get a small amount that helps to pay for the site and maybe I can license some cool pictures and get someone to design it better. I guess it’s like any other magazine with advertising, I just really want to emphasize it’s a site to give out information, not try and make you buy stuff.

I hope you enjoy the site!

Lindsey Parker, Editor
Hair Living

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