Avodart and Propecia – Grows Hair and Prevents Cancer?

Do Avodart and Propecia prevent cancer?!  Yep!  A recent study demonstrated that the prostate drug (and hair loss drug as well) Avodart (dutasteride) has an unforseen side effect – preventing cancer!  The National Cancer Institute (of America) showed in a recent study that taking these drugs (actually finasteride) reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 25!

The “downside” to taking these drugs, researchers thought, was that more serious cases of prostate cancer emerged.  However, scientists say these more serious cases aren’t caused by using Avodart or Propecia.  In prostate exams, doctors are more easily able to find these serious cases because the prostate is a “normal” size.  In a swollen prostate, say the scientists from the drug companies, these kinds of cancers are more difficult to detect.

Though it looks like the popular hair loss and prostate health medications Avodart and Propecia won’t be labeled for their cancer prevention benefits any time soon, evidence shows that it’s time to take a look at the relationship between using Avodart or Propecia, reducing cancer and discovering cancer in earlier stages or in more difficult to find types.

If you are interested in purchasing generic Avodart or generic Propecia, be mindful that they ought be labeled as such!  It is highly unlikely that you will be buying brand name Avodart or Propecia at a largely discounted price.  If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Buy generic Avodart or generic Propecia from reputable pharmacies only!

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