Children Hair Loss FAQ

Q: Why is my child losing their hair?

A: Read the causes of hair loss in children page!  Make note of anything that might be applicable to your child and bring this information to the doctor.

Q: Can I use adult hair loss treatments on my child?

A:  First, ask a doctor!  Second, it depends on the product.  Some of the shampoos are the same formulas that adults use and some of the anti-fungal creams might be prescribed (or used if over the counter) in a less-concentrated form.  If you’re going to buy the treatments online, be sure you’re getting the right strength!

Q: What kind of doctor deals with kids who are losing their hair?

A: Depends!  Take your child to their pediatrician first and see what they have to say.  You could be referred to a dermatologist or an endocrinologist or be referred for blood tests.

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