Contador loses hair over doping!

Alberto Contador is losing his hair because of doping!  Tour de France winner and renown cyclist Contador has recently been accused of using steroids to improve his performance.  It’s an accusation which he vehemently denies – but he’s still losing hair over it.

While it is well-known that steroids can cause hair loss, it’s less known that stress can too.  Contador, 28-years-old, claims that the stress from this accusation is causing his hair to fall out.  Stress can make hair fall out, it’s a condition called telogen effuvium.  And when someone is a celebrity, the stress can be even greater, particularly when troubles are in the spotlight (like in the case of Elin Nordegren).

Stress or doping?  Who knows.  But if you’re losing your hair from stress, you’re not alone.  Hair loss from stress is common, curable and one of the most resilient types of hair loss.  If you’re losing your hair because of anxiety or stress, you can relax knowing that it will grow back.  It’s also worth mentioning that you can lose your hair for up to three months after a stressful event!

In conclusion – if you’re losing your hair from stress, don’t lose your money for hair loss cures – it will grow back on its own in most cases!

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