Hair Loss & 5 Blood Tests You Should Have

Blood tests can be essential in ruling out causes or determining causes of hair loss.  Before you resign yourself to suffering from male (or female) pattern hair loss, make sure there isn’t some other cause.  While blood tests can be expensive, there’s nothing worth more than your health.  Here’s some blood tests that can help you determine (or eliminate something as) the cause of your hair loss.

1.) Total serum iron (TSI) – counts the amount of iron in your blood.  A low iron count could indicate anemia, which could easily cause hair loss, particularly for women, vegetarians whom don’t get enough iron or other immune-compromised people.  Luckily, this can be easily remedied with iron pills or dietary changes.

2.) Complete Blood Count (CBC) – this measures the overall health of your blood.  While in and of itself it is not an indicator of specific problems, an abnormal reading means you should investigate further.  A range of health problems could trigger an abnormal reading, so don’t panic if it’s abnormal, just keep looking for answers.  Particularly if you are suffering from sudden hair loss, it’s important to find out what’s going on with the rest of your body.

3.) Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) – when abnormal, this indicates inflammation in the body.  It could be from something as benign as allergies or as serious as rheumatoid arthritis.  Like the CBC, this test doesn’t test for something specific, rather it serves as an indicator that something could be wrong.  Make sure to get this test done while you are feeling well, as minor ailments can trigger an abnormal result.

4.) Glucose – If you’re not aware of it already, diabetes is a worldwide epidemic – and now you know it can cause hair loss, breakage or weakness.  By testing your glucose, you can find out if you are suffering from diabetes.  If you do have diabetes, it’s possible that if you change your diet and/or treat the diabetes, that your hair will grow back.  Be sure to fast for 12 hours before this test!

5.) Blood Pressure – Though it’s not technically a “blood test,” this is testing the flow of your blood.  Poor blood flow can cause an array of health problems, one of which is a heart attack or stroke.  Hair loss could be a sign or symptom of high blood pressure.  You can go to any WalMart pharmacy or grocery store and do this test yourself.  If you do suffer from high blood pressure, the lack of oxygen in your blood could be causing hair loss.  However, smoking can also have the same effect.  If this is the case, taking vitamins or using other hair loss treatments could be futile until you can get your blood pressure under control.

Best of luck!  And remember to consult your doctor about hair loss issues.  While many DO suffer from pattern hair loss, it doesn’t mean that you do as well.  Furthermore if you are suffering from pattern hair loss, do not dismiss these other issues as a possible source of exacerbation or acceleration of hair loss.

To read the results of your blood test, sit with your doctor & check out wikipedia’s extensive explanations of test results.

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