Men’s Hair Loss

Welcome to Hair Living for Men! We are an online magazine that hopes to provide people who suffer from hair loss support – essentially how to make life with hair loss the easiest. Or, as we call it, Hair Living. We want to help you find the cause of your hair loss. Of course, go to the doctor, but go prepared! If you read over our causes of hair loss in men, it might give you an idea you hadn’t thought about before. Take these ideas to the doctor, then determine the right treatment. If you’ve been to the doctor and are ready to treat your hair loss, we offer simple descriptions of the products and links to where you can buy them. Our goal is not to convince you to buy medicine, rather to help you buy it if you (and your doctor!) have decided it is the right course of action. There’s also treatments more mild than medications that maybe you hadn’t considered. We provide some information about hair loss shampoos, vitamins and treatment packs. Many of them you can get without a prescription. Enjoy our site! If you have any questions of comments, please let us know=) Don’t just sit around and watch the NFL live all fall, do something about your hair loss!

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