How did I get a fungal infection?

The way you got your fungal infection depends on where you are.  If you’ve traveled recently, it might be that you picked something up in your travels.

7 Ways to Get a Fungal Infection that Causes Hair Loss (Ringworm)

  1. Animals: Pets or wild animals can pass the fungus to people.  Cats in particular are carriers.
  2. Soil: This infection can be in the ground.  Walking around in bare feet outside can transmit this fungus to your feet, which can then move to your head.
  3. Feet, nails: A fungal infection in your feet or nails can be transferred to your head.  If you have infected nails and scratch your head, it can definitely cause ringworm on your head.
  4. Sharing brushes: This fungal infection can easily be transferred between people by sharing hair brushes or combs.
  5. Sharing hats: Like with a hair brush, this fungal infection can live on a hat and can easily be passed on.
  6. Infected clothing: If you have an infection in your feet or nails that brushes against clothing that brushes against your head, it can transmit the fungal infection.
  7. Public showers or blow dryers: When you come into close contact with a shower or use a shared blow dryer (like at the gym) you put yourself at risk!

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