Men Hair Loss FAQ

Q: Why am I losing my hair?

A: Did you read our possible causes of hair loss page? Take the quick 10-question quiz and you might get an idea!

Q: Why do I have to go to the doctor?

A: It’s always best to check with a doctor. Your hair loss could be caused by a medical condition! And going to the doctor doesn’t mean that you have to go with their exact recommendations for treatment either.

Q: What is the cheapest solution for my hair loss?

A: Depends on your treatment approach. If you’ve decided on a medical solution, generic drugs are definitely cheaper than brand-name drugs and just as effective.  Look at our treatment options, you will see generic drugs.  You can also try over the counter drugs – generic minoxidil is one of the most popular ones and very affordable.

Q: How can I look sexy when I’m losing my hair?

A: You are sexy!  If you have any doubt, check out this video.  Not only do men who are losing their hair have more sex drive, many women find them sexier!

Bald Men and Sex!


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