Hair Oil for Men

Hair Oil is viable solution (and natural solution) for balding men.  While it’s less effective on the crown, hair oil can do an amazing job on growing hair at the temples or on the hair line.

How does hair oil work?

Delivers vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. – Oils can contain Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Biotin, Keratin, Rosemary, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Borage Oil which repair hair, moisturize and encourage growth.

Moisturizes Hair – the oil reduces breakage from dryness.

Moisturizes Scalp – prevents dry scalp and some oils can prevent dandruff.

TIP! Some of the more expensive oils come in capsules to be taken as vitamins, but you can easily puncture the capsule and apply directly to your hair. I highly recommend Borage Oil, as I have personally seen friends use this and improve greatly! You will see the most improvement on the hair line.

Hair oil for men tends to be different in different countries, so I made a list so you can actually find the stuff where you live.

  • How to Use Hair Oil
  • A List of Hair Oil For Men – US Only
  • A List of Hair Oil For Men- UK Only
  • A List of Hair Oil For Men – India
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