A List of Hair Oil For Men – India

There’s lots of different hair oils in India, here is a selection of a few different ones.  Be careful when purchasing, as some counterfeit products have come onto the market!  Here’s some photos of products and a short review.

1.) Kunthalamrutham Hair Tone – Prevents hairfall & dandruff.  Good for all hair types.

Available in India

2.) Dabur Amla Hair Oil (can buy on Amazon.com) – good for thicker hair to maintain thickness and prevent hairfall.  It’s one of the most popular hair oils in India – for men and women.

3.) Henna Nourishing Hair Oil  (infibeam.com) – good for all hair types.

4.) Himalaya Hair Oil (infibeam.com) – good for all hair types.

5.) Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil 200 ml – even though it says for dandruff, this oil has added nutrients that will prevent hair fall as well.  In fact, dandruff treatments can be an excellent way to reduce hair fall, whether it’s oil or shampoo.

Coconut Hair Oil

6.) Vatika Coconut Hair Oil – From Dabur, this hair oil contains oils + triphala, kapurkachari, neem, brahmi, lemon, rosemary, henna and milk.  It doesn’t guarantee to help hair fall, but it will help you keep the hair you have healthy.  The rosemary is also great for dandruff prevention and treatment.

Enjoy your hair oils!  And be sure to find one you like.  The efficacy of your hair oil will be 0 if you’re not using it.

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