A List of Hair Oil For Men- UK Only

If you’re looking for a list of hair oil for men in the UK, here it is!  The link is to Boots.com, but you can probably find them in the store.  For hair oil particularly it’s important to make sure you like the texture and feeling of the product.  I recommend applying at night and washing out in the morning for a clean feeling, though it’s a personal choice.

1.) Origins Conditioning Hair Oil 98% Certified Organic 1fl.oz./30ml – for any hair type.  Is particularly useful for receding hairlines!

2.) Luster Pink Oil Moisturizer Original Hair Lotion 355ml – works well for men with textured hair or men who have extremely dry hair.


Clarins Sun Care Spray Radiant Oil Low Protection “For Body and Hair” UVB 6 – 150ml – works great for all men and is a great preventative measure against environmental damages.


VO5 Moisture Soak Hot Oil Treatment 4 X15ml – this is a great once-in-a-while treat for hair that is breaking off, but it will also restore scalp health and prevent hair from falling out from excessive dryness.

5.) Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray 455ml – this spray is great to use in conjunction with Rogaine or Propecia because it will stimulate growth and also protect new growth hair with moisture.

OR you can go into the pharmacy yourself and look at the latest products yourself!  Most important is that it’s a product you don’t mind using on a regular basis.

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