How does Propecia work?

Propecia is for men who suffer from male pattern baldness or other hormonal related balding processes.  Propecia reduces DHT.  DHT is the hormone that causes your hair to fall out by causing hair follicles to shrink, then become displaced.  Research shows that reducing DHT prevents hair follicles from shrinking and thus helps hair stay normal.  As you can see in the diagram, Propecia works in preventing DHT from arriving to the hair follicules.  Unlike other drugs that work on the thinned hair itself, Propecia starts working below the root.  Chemically, it does change the way your body produces DHT and how that DHT you do have arrives at your hair roots.  Scientists aren’t really sure why, but Propecia doesn’t work on balding patterns at the temples, just on the front and top.
Hair Loss Treatment in Men
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