Brazilian Blowout, Part II – Yes, it causes hair loss!

Is your hair falling out in clumps after a Brazilian Blowout?  You’re not the only one.

According to many users, Brazilian Blowout makes hair fall out – yes, it causes hair loss, that’s right.  A few weeks ago, I reported that this method of straightening hair was causing noxious fumes, but I didn’t know that people were saying it caused hair loss!  Apparently, the Brazilian Blowout can make your hair fall out.  But don’t ask me, I don’t straighten my hair with chemicals . . . however many users of the Brazilian Blowout are reporting that their hair is falling out in clumps.

So what can you do if a Brazilian Blowout made your hair fall out.  Calling the company doesn’t seem like an option.  They still claim that their product is safe.  What you can do is see if a group of people have already started procedures against the company – they have in California and Connecticut so far – and join their class action.  If nobody in your state has taken action, contact a lawyer and see what can be done.  It does vary from state to state.

The latest article on the Brazilian Blowout explains a bit more.

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2 Responses to Brazilian Blowout, Part II – Yes, it causes hair loss!

  1. Sheyle says:

    I had the BB twice and my hair has been falling out in hand fulls ever since my scalp has also been inflmed and irritated and I can’t seem to get it well. Does any one know if this will correct in time and will my hair come back and is there such thing as scalp cancer? I am freaking out it has been aprox 3 months since I had it done and it gets worse instead of better. I do not blame my stylist as they have convenced these techs that the product is 100 percent safe. She did it to her self for goodness sakes. Please some one tell me it gets better or if they have a solution. Sincerely Sheryle

  2. jordan says:

    i have lost so much hair! will my hair grow back out, or will it remain thin?