Women’s Hair Loss

So you’re losing your hair, now what?  As you might have noticed, all of these hair loss sites are for men!  You search for hair loss remedies and get Propecia as an answer.  OMG – do these sites realize or care how harmful Propecia is to women!?

The women’s section of Hair Living strives to provide female-specific answers to the causes of hair loss and it’s possible solutions.  It’s not a site trying to hawk pills or make you cry as a side effect of viewing too many pictures of women who seem on the verge of tears because of their hair loss.  Hair loss is an emotional thing, but it’s nothing to cry about – so stop crying and start making solutions!

When I started to lose my hair, I did want to cry.  I always had the nicest hair ever!  Then all of a sudden it began thinning and thinning even more.  Turns out it was a combination an iron deficiency and my (bad, bad, bad!) habit of pulling my hair back in a tight ponytail.  I switched to B vitamin-rich shampoo, took iron pills and my normal hair returned in a month or so.

I hope your solution is as easy as mine.  Take a look at the site, maybe it will help you find the cause of your hair loss and if you already know why you are losing hair, maybe it can help you find a solution for you.  When I was trying to find an answer for my own (solved!) hair loss problem, it was really frustrating and seemed people were just trying to sell me super expensive junk.  I hope this site is better.  If you have any questions (not in the FAQ already) or comments, please e-mail me!  We are also looking for other women willing to share their story.


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