Hair Transplant

If you are a woman looking for a hair transplant, welcome to my page!  Hair transplants for women are a permanent solution for female pattern baldness and other permanent types of hair loss.

Before You Decide on a Hair Transplant

1.) Get blood tests.  The cause of your hair loss could be reversible with vitamins, minerals or diet change.

2.) Visit your regular medical doctor.  It’s possible some kind of medical problem is causing your hair loss, so until you have a full bill of health, it’s not a good idea to get a permanent solution to what might be a temporary problem.  Also do an assessment of any medications you may be taking that could cause hair loss, such as antidepressants, hormones or other medications.

3.) Assess your hair loss changes with a specialist doctor in hair loss.  Once you have determined you are otherwise healthy, you can look into other problems that may be causing your hair loss.  Once the doctor determines that it’s irreversible hair loss, then you can move on to getting a hair transplant.

4.) Find a hair transplant specialist.  Look online and get recommendations and pictures.  Visit and then decide.  If you don’t feel comfortable, change doctors.  A hair transplant is a sensitive procedure.

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