Lifestyle Changes

Go on a diet, it’ll help you with your hair loss problem!  Just what you want to hear, right?

But, truth be told, a solution for your hair loss might lie in lifestyle changes, particularly diet changes.  But don’t worry, this isn’t a prescription for suffering!  I made 10 suggestions for lifestyle changes for women suffering from hair loss (based on doctor recommendations and research studies.)

  1. Eat enough Omega-3’s.  You can find them in fish.  If you can’t bear to eat more fish, try <LInk>fish oil.</a>
  2. Eat more iron!  If iron deficiencies cause hair loss, eating more iron can prevent it.
  3. Make sure you get enough B-12 vitamins, through food (eggs, meat, chicken and turkey have them) or in vitamins.
  4. Biotin is your friend!  If you’re eating tons of egg yolks and liver, you’ll be well-stocked on this B vitamin.  If not, try supplements.
  5. Reduce unnecessary intake of vitamins or medicines.  Vitamin A supplements, as well as Zinc can cause hair loss, as can an array of medications.  If you’re taking a mountain of vitamins make sure you’re not overdoing it.
  6. Drink green tea and lots of it!  One study showed that green tea helped increase the hormones that counterbalance testosterone.  And besides, it’s got antioxidants to fight aging.
  7. Minimize treatments to your hair (e.g. braids, weaves, dying, hair dryer, hair iron, flat iron).  While they aren’t related to androgenic alopecia (pattern balding) they can cause hair breakage, making it appear thinner and less healthy.  If you have traction alopecia, you should stop treating it altogether!
  8. Relax!  While it’s always nice to relax, those who lost hair because of a stressful event (mentally or physically) can benefit from some relaxation.  And studies show that even in people with androgenic alopecia relaxation can slow hair loss.
  9. Sleep!  Isn’t this the nicest lifestyle change suggestion?  Studies show that getting enough sleep helps slow hair loss.
  10. Quit smoking.  I know you don’t want to hear this if you’re a smoker, but the facts are that smoking will not help you grow your hair back and may in fact hurt it due to the oxygen deprivation your growing cells need (and don’t get when you smoke!)

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