Hair Oils

Q: Who can use hair growth oil?

A: Anyone can use it, but if your hair follicles are dead, it won’t work! If you have traction alopecia, it won’t encourage hair growth if hair follicles are already dead. It will, however, encourage your hair to grow once you free it from the weaves, braids or plaits that caused the traction alopecia. If you have medication related hair loss, it probably won’t help if you don’t discontinue medicine use. It’s great for people who also have dry hair, textured hair or chemically treated hair (relaxed, permed, or color-treated) who want to treat it and especially for people transitioning from treated hair to natural hair.

Q: What is hair growth oil?

A: Hair growth oil that uses oils, vitamins and proteins to encourage hair growth and provides moisture. Some are plant-based, some animal-based. We’ve provided you with links to reputable sites to get more information about each specific product and read reviews (if they have them). Using just plain old olive oil will help stimulate growth too! Though you can buy hair olive oil, it’s probably not much worth the money=)

Q: Does it work?

A: Depends on what your hair loss condition is. (See above). I’ll repeat for emphasis – if your hair is NOT growing, it won’t work. It encourages growth and would be a nice addition for people who are taking hair growth medications , recovering from temporary hair loss conditions or transitioning from treated to natural hair. Emu oil is one of the oils that has received a lot of positive remarks as a hair growth stimulator.

Emu Oil 4 fl. oz. (112.5 mL)

Q: Why isn’t there a special section for “women’s oils?”

A: Oils are generally made gender-neutral with minimum perfumes.

Q: Why should I buy them online?

A: Decide for yourself. It might be cheaper, it might not. Depends on what you want.

1.) Price. Most products are usually cheaper online, even with shipping.
2.) Selection. Many drugstores, pharmacies and Wal-Marts aren’t going to have the product that’s right for you. Sure, they might have hair growth oil, but is it the one you picked out? Is it going to be in stock when you get there? Do you have the time to call around? One other thing about growing oil is that many perceive it as an “African-American” hair care product. It does work especially well on “textured” hair, particularly when “going natural,” but the truth is it’s good for all hair types. Unfortunately though, because of this perception, some stores and salons do not carry these products.
3.) You can make your own. Buy different oils and scents and make your own product! And even use your own scent! You can even use olive oil as a base for your hair oil. Homemade hair oil can be just as good (and sometimes better) than store-bought hair oil. If you have a store where you can find all the oils you want, awesome, if not online is a good answer.

Q: What oils do what?

A: Here is a partial list of oils.

Lavender oil – encourages growth

Jojoba oil – moisturizes hair

Olive oil – strengthens and improves elasticity

Castor oil – sticky oil! Don’t use it as a base for your oil!

Coconut oil – moisturizes hair and provides hair nutrition, such as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.

Rosemary herbal oil – naturally removes dandruff

Almond oil – helps hair repair itself and strengthens hair

  • Lavender Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
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