Women Hair Loss Causes

Before you accept that you’re losing your hair, you should be sure that you are actually losing your hair!  There are other causes of hair loss other than “female” pattern hair loss. Anemia and hair loss are very common among women, as is birth control and hair loss. Ruling out external causes of hair loss is so very important in treating hair loss in women. Unlike men, who mostly face balding issues, the causes of hair loss in women are more likely to be treated cheaply and easily.

Without a proper blood test, it’s impossible to know what the real cause of your hair loss is.  Take a look at these common causes of hair loss – maybe something will ring a bell with you or you might find out something you didn’t know. However, getting a blood test is the only way to rule out common causes of hair loss in women. Treating hair loss with biotin vitamins is useless if the cause of your hair loss is an iron deficiency. If you’ve got thyroid problems, nothing is going to help you except for thyroid medication. With women, it’s really important to figure out the root cause of hair loss!

You can’t cure something if you don’t know the cause of it.  The only way to find out is by visiting your doctor or doing an mail away blood test. However, if you already know you suffer from something, such as anemia, or you know that your birth control pills might cause hair loss, taking iron supplements or switching to a low androgen birth control pill could be a good place to start.

  • Hair Breaking off at Roots
  • Female Hair Loss Consultation
  • Marijuana Hair Loss in Women
  • Anemia or Iron Deficiency
  • Trichotillomania – Pulling Out Your Own Hair
  • Telogen Effuvium (Stressful Event)
  • Alppecia Areata (Clumpy Hair Loss)
  • Birth Control
  • Medication
  • Patterned Balding
  • Scarring alopecia / Traction alopecia (from Tight Cornrows, Braids, Weaves or Ponytails)
  • Triangular Alopecia (Hair Loss at Temples)
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