Products that Prevent Hair Breakage

When hair is breaking off at the roots, treatment can be a lot different than “standard” hair loss.  Products that prevent hair from breaking off at the root can include some of the following elements that do one of two things – 1.) prevent breakage and 2.) strengthen new hair.

Products in the UK that prevent hair breakage

Products in Australia that prevent hair breakage

Products in America that prevent hair breakage

– Proteins: Biotin, keratin, wheat proteins and other proteins work to strengthen the existing hair from the outside in.  This might prevent your hair from breaking off if it’s breaking from over processing!  You can get proteins in all types of hair products.

– Shampoo: The pH of shampoo (slightly acidic) counteracts environmental affects on hair that weakens keratin bonds.  Shampooing more often can actually prevent hair breakage because it minimizes environmental damage!

– Vitamins (in hair products): Vitamin E and Panthenol might prevent breakage, but it’s only on a cosmetic level.  It will make the short-term breakage seem a bit better, but in the long-term it won’t do much.  In order to affect new hair growth, you have to take oral vitamins and minerals.

– Vitamins (taken orally): If the cause of your breakage is from a vitamin or mineral deficiency, this can definitely help make your new hair growth stronger.  If the cause of your breakage is from over processing (chemicals or heat) taking vitamins or minerals orally can help the regrowth process.

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