Marijuana Hair Loss in Women

I’m a man! Take me to marijuana hair loss for men.

Does smoking marijuana cause hair loss in women?

Yes and no. Let me explain that there is no 100% connection between smoking marijuana and hair loss. This means that smoking marijuana is most likely not the main “cause” of your hair loss. However, it could be making things worse. Read on about marijuana and hair loss for women.

5 Snippets about Marijuana and Hair Loss in Women

1.) People often smoke marijuana as a result of illness, stress or depression. If you are using marijuana because you are ill, under lots of stress or depressed, you cannot rule out that the reason for your marijuana use is also the reason for your hair loss! If marijuana helps you keep stress under control, it could actually help your hair grow back. It’s something each person must evaluate for themselves and with their doctor.

2.) Marijuana can cause unhealthy lifestyle choices, particularly poor diet choices. If you are smoking lots of marijuana and also eating a poor diet as a result of lethargy and increased appetite, it could be your marijuana-related dietary choices that are causing your hair loss. Check out 5 munchies that make your hair grow and evaluate your iron intake with a blood test or a personal assessment (you could be anemic).

3.) Smoking anything can cause problems with hair. When you smoke cigarettes or marijuana, it decreases the amount of oxygen that gets to growing cells – and that includes hair. This means not only could your hair be oxygen deprived, it could also be deprived of the vitamins and minerals that good blood circulation brings it. If you smoke cigarettes too, it’s more likely that the cigarettes are causing damage than the marijuana, as their chemical composition is much more toxic and varied.

4.) The THC in marijuana, according to one study, actually prevents hair loss.

5.) We can’t tell that it’s JUST marijuana hair loss, but you can eliminate and see if it is in your case. People who use marijuana and experience hair loss, can’t really pinpoint that it’s ONLY marijuana causing this until they try elimination. For example, a vegetarian woman on anti-depressants who frequently puts her hair in ponytails, occasionally takes cocaine and chronically smokes marijuana starts losing hair. Only through elimination will she be able to determine what the cause is.

Do your own science!

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If you want to see if marijuana is causing your hair loss, take a picture of your head, keep smoking weed for 6 weeks or more and take another picture. You’ve now got your baseline hair loss. Change nothing in your life, stop smoking marijuana, let another 6 weeks pass by (or longer) and take another photograph. Do you have less hair loss when you stopped smoking pot? Did your hair grow back? Be your own scientist!

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