Will hair grow back from traction alopecia?

Hair usually grows back from traction alopecia if you catch it soon enough.  If you continue to abuse your hair with chemicals, weaves, lace-front wigs, braids, cornrows or other stressors, it won’t grow back.

How can you tell if your hair is going to grow back from traction alopecia?

First, if you don’t stop damaging it, you won’t be able to tell.  So let it go natural for a while and then see what grows back.

Tips for growing hair back from traction alopecia

1.) Use scalp/hair oil.

2.) Eat plenty of healthy foods or consider taking multi-vitamins with iron.

3.) Don’t smoke or be around smoky areas.

4.) Relax!  Stress can cause hair loss and it won’t help your hair grow back.

5.) Find a new hairstyle you’re comfortable with.  The easier and more comfortable your transition to natural is, the more likely you will be to stick with it!

If you’ve already let it grow for 6 months and it’s not coming back, it could be permanent hair loss.  Either way, see a doctor who is familiar with hair loss to make sure that traction alopecia is the cause.  And don’t spend tons of money on so-called miracle oils, creams, etc. – check out this video explaining more on hair products that help women (or men) go natural.

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