Keeping Your Hair or Keeping Your Erection: You can’t win them all – or can you?

"Nice hair, I hope your penis is just as nice!"

A recent (October 2010) study came about about Propecia (Finasteride) that painted a pretty sad picture for Propecia users: Propecia (Finasteride) does cause sexual dysfunction.

It seems that from this situation, a horrible ultimatum emerged: keep your hair or keep your erection. Not a question I’d like to deal with, nor do I want my boyfriend choose between these two options. Though apparently, men tend to keep their hair over keeping their erections.  Me?  I’m not down for losing either when it comes to my man.

For those of you who don’t want to make that choice either, there’s a good selection of natural solutions for hair loss that also help men’s sexual health.  Here’s a short list:

Zinc: It helps your prostate function and contributes to sexual organ growth.  It also provides a key element of semen.  (Yep, zinc is in your semen!)  But if you want to take it as a supplement for hair loss, you’re in luck.  Zinc, as it is used in many anti-dandruff shampoos, also prevents hair loss.  Don’t overdose yourself though, taking more does not make it more affective and can have adverse effects.

Fish Oil: It helps you maintain and achieve erections by lowering your overall blood pressure.  In fact, if you didn’t know it already, erectile dysfunction can be a early sign of heart problems.  So fish oil is going to help your penis, help your heard and yes folks, help you grow hair on your head.  A lack of fatty acids and Omega 3’s is one of the causes of hair loss or increased rates of hair loss.

Coconut Water: The minerals in coconut water help your heart work more effectively, including getting blood down to your penis when you get excited.  Those same minerals that improve circulation will also arrive to your head (thanks to the improved circulation).  One cause of hair loss (or cause of acceleration of hair loss) is that vitamins and minerals do not arrive to hair follicles.  People with poor circulation who take hair loss vitamins and minerals might not be maximizing results.  Coconut water could be a great addition to your regemine.

Vitamin E: It’s the vitamin that makes hair and nails healthy, but did you know it makes other parts healthy as well?  Aside from providing the energy for hair and nails to grow and sustain themselves, Vitamin E also improves circulation.  And improved circulation means improved absorption of all vitamins and minerals that help hair grow.  That same improvement in circulation also helps blood get down to your penis when it should.

So don’t despair, keep your hair (and your erection too!)  For those who are affected by male pattern hair loss, I highly recommend trying some natural solutions before you go with Propecia.  While it does make hair grow and it works for many (and the sooner you use it the more affective it is), don’t feel trapped in taking it if it’s killing your sex life.

And of course – speak with your doctor about all this stuff.  And if you want to take Propecia, read up on the limitations of Propecia.

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