Can CT Scans Cause Hair Loss?

Scanning away your hair?

Are you wondering if a CT scan causes hair loss? You’re not the only one!

A CT caused my hair loss, what can I do?

A recent report suggests that yes, CT scans cause hair loss. Like any other procedure with radiation, it is possible to overdose on radiation, causing side effects. In the case of CT’s, they were so unregulated that patients were routinely dosed with too much radiation, resulting in a number of side effects, one of which being hair loss.

As a result of this knowledge, California recently put a new bill into law. In California, CT scans will now going to be more closely monitored because of radiation overdose.  Unfortunately, most states do not regulate the dose of radiation received with a CT.  In Alabama, a hospital that overdosed patients on radiation was found not responsible for the resulting injuries to patients because there was no regulation on how much radiation to give.

It’s also disturbing to find out that many states allow people to administer CT tests with little or no licensing! Watch this video from the FDA about radiation overdoses from CT scans:

Or read more about it in the New York Times

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