Recovering from CT caused hair loss

You can recover from CT related hair loss!

So, a CT caused your hair loss.  Before you give up or start crying, get into action and get what you deserve!  A wrong has been done and you must secure your rights.

  1. See a doctor and get a diagnosis.  If you have received radiation poisoning, it’s likely you could be suffering from other side effects like memory loss, mental confusion or headaches.  In the long run, it could increase your risk of cancer.  Securing a diagnosis of radiation poisoning could be key in securing damages (suing) and receiving proper treatment now OR later.
  2. Find out what your legal rights are.  It varies depending on what country and state you live in.  Do what you can and get closure on the damage done to you, whether you can sue or just have to accept nothing will happen, get your own closure.  Even if you can’t sue for damages, you may be able to sue for any costs you incur as a result OR might occur in the future.
  3. Don’t freak out about your hair.  While it might look bad or embarrass you now, just rest assured that it will grow back.  Stress can make this kind of hair loss worse, so relax!
  4. Keep the hair you have healthy.  Use biotin, keratin or vitamin shampoos to keep the hair you have from breaking off or falling out.  Minimize processing (hair irons, hair dryers, chemical treatments, dyes).
  5. Encourage new hair growth.  Eating a balanced diet, including a good dose of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3’s.  Put oil on your scalp and massage it gently.  Take care of any dandruff or scalp issues that may have come up because of your hair loss.

Best of luck to all those affected by this horrible event.  Hopefully with new regulations coming into the law books, this won’t be happening to other people.  If you have any personal stories, information or updated news on this burgeoning topic, please leave comments!

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