Can You Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy? (CIA)

Hair loss from chemotherapy (Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia – or CIA) is a common and expected side effect.  Since the beginning of chemotherapy, people have expected that they will lose their hair.  One company, however, claims that this doesn’t have to be so.  They invented a product, the Penguin Cold Cap, that says it prevents hair loss during chemotherapy.  In a recent article on ABC news, users of the Penguin Cold Cap say it works!  If it does truly work, this is an amazing breakthrough in treating chemotherapy related hair loss.

While doctors are short on scientific data as to the effectiveness and safety of the Penguin Cold Cap, women who use it say it works.

Just want to say I’m glad people out there in the scientific community are still working hard on this tough issue of hair loss!

UPDATE!: A research article was recently published on this . . . it’s called “Presentation, impact and prevention of chemotherapy-induced hair loss: scalp cooling potentials and limitations” and it was done in Eindhoven, NL. Their conclusion is that it is effective on preventing CIA, but not for all patients. They recommend that hospitals make cold treatments available for all patients. However, they do caution that more research is needed to figure out why it is successful for some people and why it isn’t for others. Read more about this research.

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