Does using the Penguin Cold Cap have risks?

Yes, there are risks!  Here’s a short list of risks associated with using the Penguin Cold Cap.

  • Blocking the hair might prevent the chemotherapy from doing its job – killing cells.  When your hair remains alive, other cells also remain alive.
  • The Penguin Cold Cap isn’t approved of by all doctors.
  • The Penguin Cold Cap hasn’t undergone long studies on effectiveness and safety.

So, the best approach here is up to you and your doctor.  While you might not decide to use it, at the very least you know it’s an option that you explored.  If you do use the Penguin Cold Cap, studies say that you have a 70% change of keeping your hair.  Choose wisely and involve your doctor in the conversation, get a second or third opinion if you want.  New studies are always coming out and I’ll update this site if I hear anything!

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