Cigarettes and Hair Loss

Did you think cigarettes made your hair grow?

5 Ways Cigarettes Cause or Accelerate Hair Loss

So you’re wondering if cigarettes cause hair loss? The scientific community hasn’t found a direct correlation – this means that cigarette smoking alone hasn’t been proven to cause hair loss. However, this does not mean that it doesn’t cause hair loss. With so many external factors, it’s hard to really show what is causing what. But, there is evidence that cigarette smoking accelerates hair loss in process and damages hair.

  1. Environmental Damage – The thousands of chemicals in cigarettes that harm your body also harm your hair. The smoke, which contains many different toxins, can damage your hair in the same way as using other toxins, like bleach, dye or chemical straighteners. It causes hair to break off.
  2. Decreases Oxygen in the Blood – It’s well-known that hair growth relies on oxygen. If your reduce the amount of oxygen, you reduce cell growth, including hair. Smoking cigarettes literally sucks the oxygen out of your system, away from your hair, and into your lungs and other areas.
  3. Decreases Circulation – Cigarette smoke decreases overall circulation. In terms of hair, this means that the vitamins and minerals you need for hair growth aren’t getting there. You might be taking vitamins and minerals or other hair loss vitamins, but guess what? If you’re smoking cigarettes, those expensive hair loss solutions could just be filtering out of your body without ever arriving to your head.
  4. DNA Damage – A recent study in rodents showed that the inhalation of the chemicals in commercially produced cigarettes actually altered the DNA of hair.
  5. Inflammation – Smoking causes inflammation of the hair at the root, which eventually leads to it falling out. This is in the same way that infections or fungus can cause or accelerate hair loss. The inflamed skin can’t grab the hair root and it just falls out!

If you’re interested in quitting smoking, Generic Chantix and Generic Wellbutrin are two great options. Knowing that your hair loss is caused or accelerated by smoking could be the motivation you need to kick this terrible habit! Good luck – you can do it!

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