Minimizing Hair Loss from Smoking Cigarettes

Can't stop puffing? Plan your hair loss treatment accordingly!

Minimize Your Smoking Hair Loss

Even though you know it’s probably causing your hair loss, you’re not ready to give up smoking. It’s too hard, it’s too stressful and it’s just not the right time. I hear ya!

So let’s talk about ways we can minimize hair loss from smoking – aside from quitting  smoking.

  1. Smoke Outside – Many of the chemicals that cause damage to the physical structure of the hair do so via second hand smoke. Limit the amount of environmental smoke and you will reduce the environmental damage to your hair.  It will also reduce the overall amount you smoke if you have to make an extra effort to smoke.
  2. Smoke “Less” Chemical Cigarettes – While all cigarettes are harmful, cigarettes with more chemicals are more likely to  have something that can cause hair loss.  Choose cigarettes with low tar and less additives for less risk.  Don’t think it’s a solution, it’s just risk reduction, not elimination.
  3. Exercise – While cigarettes inhibit blood flow and oxygen flow (which prevents hair from growing) exercise will increase blood and oxygen flow, counteracting some of the damage you’ve done by smoking.
  4. Smoking = Hair Loss: Tell Yourself This! – While it might not motivate you to quit knowing that smoking and hair loss are linked, this could be a good way for you to reduce the amount you smoke (or eventually quit!)  So when you light up, tell yourself, “I am making myself lose hair.  I am causing my own hair loss.”  the psychological effects could help you put that cigarette out early, put off smoking until later on or eventually help you quit.
  5. Use Anti-Inflammatory Hair Products – Scientific studies have shown that inflammation of the scalp is one side effect of cigarette smoke.  While using products that treat this inflammation is only a band-aid fix to the toxicity of cigarettes, if you’re not going to quit smoking, reduce this inflammation.  Hair oils are the most common source of anti-inflammatory elements.  So oil your hair!

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