Does soy milk cause hair loss?

Soy milk and hair loss are two terms becoming ever the more intertwined as a class action suit is developing against the maker of a soy milk in Australia.  Not only did soy milk cause hair loss, it also caused miscarriages and birth defects.  Soy milk?  Well, yes and no.

How can soy milk cause hair loss?

It’s not the soy milk itself, but the iodine in the soy milk.  Many brands of soy milk have iodine and iodine in excess causes hair loss amongst other things.  Those makers who do not properly regulate this iodine could be inadvertently causing people to lose their hair and suffer from other medical problems.

Regulations should keep watch on these things, but apparently things slip by.  There’s no real way to tell if your soy milk has too much iodine in it.  Hopefully this situation will improve, but reality is that food can be dangerous! Watch this clip about some recent news with soy milk and iodine.

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