Elin Nordegren and Telogen Effuvium

Is your hair falling out?  Are you experiencing lots of stress (or did you in the previous three months?)  Did you know one symptom of stress can be your hair falling out?!  Did you know you’re not alone?

I was surfing around the Internet today and read an interesting article about Elin Nordegren and hair loss. Apparently, due to all the stress she experienced (Tiger Woods, you suck!), she started losing hair.  I can’t imagine how much it would suck to be out in the public spotlight because of an embarrassing family situation and then my hair starts falling out.  I wonder if you can sue someone who causes your hair to fall out because of stress?  For people whose job depends on looking good, maybe . . . what do you think?

In any case, I just wanted to say for those of you also suffering from telogen effuvium, your hair loss is just temporary and you’re not alone.  Hang in there!  Take good care of yourself, restore your physical health back to the way it was before your stressful event (or events!) and your hair will go back to its normal health.

And Elin, you look adorable in the hat!

Daily Mail article about Elin

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