Hair Trends: Straightening

Not everyone was born with hair THIS straight!

I was reading this article today about the trend of straightening hair.  More and more women with curly hair are using chemicals, irons or blow dryers to straighten their hair – without regard to the fact that it could cause hair loss!  I was really surprised the article didn’t even mention the potential damage to hair that it might cause.  If you straighten your hair, read up on how using chemicals, flat irons or blow dryers can cause your hair to fall out.

5 Ways Straightening Can Cause Hair Problems

  1. Pulling with a brush or hot iron can cause hair to rip out at the root.  Over time, you could even kill the root of your hair!  When your stylist pulls so hard that it feels like your hair is being pulled out listen to your pain!  Your hair is being pulled out.  This kind of hair loss is called traction alopecia.
  2. Using hot irons and blow dryers can cause breakage.  Which doesn’t seem like a big deal – until your hair starts breaking near the root, creating an all-over thinning look.  Correct this problem with strengthening shampoos.
  3. New super hot irons get hotter than is necessary for some hair types.  This means that while your iron might go up to such-and-such degrees, it might not be necessary to achieve the desired effect.  Minimize damage by minimizing the hotness of your iron.  And use ceramic, it’s much less damaging than other substances!  You don’t need to use it as hot as it will go=)
  4. Chemical straighteners can burn fine hairs, meaning that they could burn the soft hairs around your hairline off completely!
  5. Chemical straighteners can burn your scalp.  Burned scalps aren’t exactly a breeding ground for healthy strong hair!  Oils make a great scalp treatment.

Here is the New York Times article on hair straightening!  AND thanks for the picture of the girl in the kimono.

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