Health Insurance and Hair Loss

There’s no doubt there’s a problem with health care in America.  Here’s 5 easy ways to overcome the burden of poor health insurance relating to your hair loss.  They are NOT doctor’s recommendations!  If you don’t have health insurance or have emergency only coverage, here’s some ways to deal with hair loss that won’t break your bank account!

5 Affordable Ways to Cure Hair Loss WITHOUT Health Insurance

  1. Try vitamins!  Deficiencies can often be the cause and if you already know you have “issues” with certain vitamins or minerals (namely B or Iron are problematic) then try what vitamins world for you before.
  2. Try thickening, strengthening or growth shampoo – for men OR for women.  It’s possible to buy Biotin shampoo for the same price as regular shampoos!
  3. Try Nizoral – studies show that it can be as effective as Rogaine.  Dandruff and other fungal infections can definitely cause hair to thin!
  4. Use hair oil.  If your hair fell out due to stress or your hair fell out due to cornrows or braids, this can stimulate living, but non-productive hair roots to grow.
  5. Try elimination.  Make a list of all medications you are taking or any changes in diet you have made.  Provided that it isn’t harmful to your health, stop taking these medications!  Birth control is a common cause and so is yo-yo dieting.  Hello?  Did you think that 500 calories a day was enough to feed your hair?  It wasn’t!  Just saying, do a realistic assessment of what you put into your body before you decide you’ve got pattern balding or permanent hair loss!

If you have any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!

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