Marijuana Hair Loss: It’s a Fact!

5 Reasons Marijuana Hair Loss is a Fact

1.) Yep, science says marijuana and hair loss are linked. I know, it’s not good news for those who use marijuana (as is legal and in many places!) but let’s look at the research.

So before you ask, we don’t think that the scientists were the ones getting stoned for the research, so that’s settled. This research looked at hair follicles and its conclusion is that yeah, marijuana smoking prevents hair growth and might cause hair loss:

the endocannabinoid N-arachidonoylethanolamide (anandamide, AEA) as well as the exocannabinnoid (9) -tetrahydrocannabinol dose-dependently inhibited hair shaft elongation and the proliferation of hair matrix keratinocytes, and induced intraepithelial apoptosis and premature HF regression (catagen). These effects were inhibited by a selective antagonist of cannabinoid receptor-1 (CB1). In contrast to CB2, CB1 was expressed in a hair cycle-dependent manner in the human HF epithelium. Since we successfully identified the presence of endocannabinoids in human HF, our data strongly suggest that human HF exploit a CB1-mediated endocannabinoid signaling system for negatively regulating their own growth. Clinically, CB1 agonists may therefore help to manage unwanted hair growth, while CB1 antagonists might counteract hair loss.

2.) Smoking marijuana might exacerbate hair loss due to poor lifestyle choices!  Getting a blood test is important to find out if you’re having health problems.  You can also follow these suggestions for stopping marijuana hair loss.

a.) The Munchies: People rarely choose healthy.
b.) Hat Wearing: People who are stoned don’t wanna show their eyes, so they smash down their hair.
c.) The Man Ponytail/Dreadlocks: Both of these hair styles when done over a long period of time can cause hair loss due to pulling at the hair.  Traction alopecia isn’t just for women – check out these pictures of traction alopecia to see if your hair loss is related to styling choices.

3.) A lot of old stoners are bald or balding. But then again, a lot of old “regular” people have lost hair too. Which goes back to my main gist on this marijuana hair loss bit – there’s no conclusive evidence either way, just conjecture from both ends of the debate.  Plus famous people who smoke pot and are losing hair can probably afford to buy lots of stuff to make sure they don’t lose hair.

4.) It’s hard to do a real study on this! Why? Because people who smoke marijuana (usually) don’t go around broadcasting it, much less volunteering for scientific research. The other thing is that there are so many independent factors that make it difficult to compare hair loss between people.

5.) We can’t tell that it’s JUST marijuana hair loss, but you can eliminate and see if it is in your case. People who use marijuana and experience hair loss, can’t really pinpoint that it’s ONLY marijuana causing this until they try elimination. For example, a man on anti-depressants who frequently puts his hair in ponytails, occasionally takes cocaine and chronically smokes marijuana starts losing hair. Only through elimination will he be able to determine what the cause is. And like most males, he’s probably just got male pattern baldness!

Do your own science!  But get a blood test too!

If you want to see if marijuana is causing your hair loss, take a picture of your head, keep smoking weed for 6 weeks or more and take another picture.  You’ve now got your baseline hair loss.  Change nothing in your life, stop smoking marijuana, let another 6 weeks pass by (or longer) and take another photograph.  Do you have less hair loss when you stopped smoking pot?  Did your hair grow back?  Be your own scientist.

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