What can I do if prescription drugs are causing my hair loss?

So, you think a prescription drug is causing your hair loss, but what can you do? Unfortunately, in most cases, the only surefire way to cure hair loss from taking prescription drugs is to stop taking those drugs. But, for many this is not an option. Here’s a rundown of how to deal with hair loss from prescription pills.  And of course, see your doctor before doing anything!  The purpose of this article is to help you be prepared for your doctor visit and/or know your options.

If you can stop taking the drug you can:

  1. Stop taking the drug.
  2. Use a different drug.
  3. Make the hair you have healthier (with vitamins & shampoos)

If you cannot stop taking the drug you can:

  1. Prevent hair from breaking off.
  2. Use colored sprays to minimize the look of hair loss.
  3. Style your hair to minimize the look of hair loss.
  4. Try dandruff shampoo (it could be the the drug is causing dandruff, which is causing hair loss!)
  5. Shave it off until you’re ready to grow it back in full force.

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