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Believe it or not, your lifestyle could be causing baldness!  While many men suffer from male pattern baldness, many suffer from lifestyle-related baldness OR have their male pattern baldness exacerbated by poor lifestyle choices.  Yes, I know, it’s hard to change the way you live, but keep in mind these changes are the cheapest ways to treat hair loss=)

10 Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Hair Loss

  1. Eat more Omega-3 fatty acids.  If you can’t eat enough Omega-3’s, try fish oil pills.  You might want to also reduce your intake of Omega-6’s!
  2. Reduce your stress levels.
  3. Stop processing your hair – no dyes, flat irons, hair dryers or harsh chemicals!  While this might not make you grow hair, it’ll help you keep the hair you have healthy!
  4. Careful about wearing hats!  While a hat is covering up your hair loss, it could be dirty and causing bacterial infections OR too tight and causing hair breakage.
  5. Get a thorough blood test done!  Whether it’s diabetes or thyroid problems – take care of your physical health and your hair’s health could follow!
  6. Use shampoos with vitamin B and keratin, they will take care of the hair you have.
  7. Do a self-evaluation.  What are you putting into your body that might be causing problems?  New medications, extreme changes in diet?  Write it all down.
  8. Stop crash dieting!  Extreme and sudden changes in diet can and will cause hair loss.
  9. Drink more water.  Even if you’re eating right and taking vitamins, without enough water to move those vitamins around your body, you won’t get the maximum benefit.
  10. Stop smoking.  I’m not going to harp on this point, but seriously, if the smoke from a cigarette can kill a goldfish, then what do you think it’s doing to your tiny pieces of already struggling hair?  And besides, it’s already been proven that smoking causes erectile dysfunction!

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