Fake Minoxidil?

How to Tell if Your Minoxidil is Fake (or could be fake)

  1. Your minoxidil might be fake if did not buy it from the manufacturer/maker – e.g. you bought Kirkland brand Minoxidil on e-Bay or got some other store brand, but not from the store (Costco).  You can buy generic Minoxidil at reputable sites, even if you want to ship to the UK from the US.  E-Bay and Amazon.com are not recommended.
  2. Your product is inferior.  Some signs that your product may be fake are that foam may turn to liquid, liquid may seem watered down, the product has a different smell, consistency and texture than Minoxidil you bought from a store.
  3. The effects of the Minoxidil dramatically change when switching between brands.  Given that they are the same (or should be) exact formula, there’s no reason that switching should increase hair loss.
  4. Be particularly wary of 15% minoxidil sellers.  In many places 15% minoxidil is illegal to sell without a prescription.  Sellers of Minoxidil know this and deliberately offer people inferior (or just plain fake) product since they know that the person is less likely to pursue legal recourse.
  5. Foam minoxidil DOES NOT COME IN GENERIC.  If you have purchased “generic foam minoxidil” you have probably purchased an inferior product.  As of late, Indian pharmacies have not begun producing this product, so if you have generic foam minoxidil, there’s a good chance it’s fake.

If you want to use minoxidil, it’s fine to buy generic minoxidil or get discount minoxidil be wary!  Order minoxidil or purchase minoxidil only from reputable sites.  Getting “cheap minoxidil” is not worth putting yourself at risk.  You can always Google the name of the site you are looking to buy from to see what other consumers say!

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