Foam Minoxidil

Why Minoxidil Foam?

  • users of minoxidil foam say that it’s easier to style (and wear all day) than the liquid form
  • it’s on hair longer than the shampoo
  • it’s not pasty like the cream
  • it’s not sticky like the liquid minoxidil

Why not Minoxidil Foam?

  • it’s more expensive than the liquid, cream or shampoo
  • it’s hard to find generic minoxidil foam!
  • it only comes in the 5% form

Where can I buy minoxidil foam?

  • you can buy brand name Rogaine foam at any pharmacy or perhaps a bit cheaper online or in bulk.
  • depending on where you are located, you may be able to buy generic minoxidil foam
  • Tips on Using Foam Minoxidil
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