Tips on Using Foam Minoxidil

How to Use Minoxidil Foam/10 Tips on Using Minoxidil Foam

  1. Hold the bottle of minoxidil foam upside down.
  2. Press the bottle against your head (the nozzle part).
  3. Gently and slowly spray.
  4. Move it around your head slowly.
  5. Don’t use too much, it’s Minoxidil, not hair mousse.
  6. It should come out thick & foamy and then be absorbed, if you have white residue, try spraying slower.
  7. Foam Minoxidil shouldn’t be drippy – if it’s drippy try shaking your bottle more or even stopping during application to shake again.
  8. Don’t put it in while your hair is all the way wet.

If you find that it’s too tricky to use, try switching to liquid minoxidil, it’s cheaper anyways and you can buy that in generic.

Thanks to Steve P. (Akron, OH) & Hunter B. (Fullerton, CA) for the tips!

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