How to use minoxidil

How do I use minoxidil?

Rogaine or minoxidil is not a hair loss shampoo – it’s a medicinal ointment.  Liquid Rogaine (minoxidil) and foam Rogaine (minoxidil) are both different types of the same product, but you apply them differently.

In order for minoxidil to be the most effective, you have to leave it on for four hours.  Which can create issues when it comes to styling.  So you can wash it out after 40 minutes, then use styling products, but your hair regrowth will be less effective.  For maximum efficacy, you have to do this routine twice a day.

Use it twice daily and minoxidil will cause new hair growth.  You cannot stop using it, or your results will reverse.

One way minoxidil users deal with the issues of using the liquid minoxidil by combining the use of foam minoxidil with the liquid version.  The foam version seems to be styled easier while the liquid version of minoxidil weighs hair down and makes styling difficult.  Try different ways to use it that seem to work for you  The most important thing is to use minoxidil consistently, so if you have to wash it out after 45-minutes in the morning, try to leave it on the full four hours in the evening.

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