Prescription pills

So, you want to buy prescription pills for hair loss.  But where to start?  I know you’ve heard this before, but head to your doctor.  The best advice you can get regarding prescription pills for hair loss is from a licensed professional.  That said, you can go into your appointment (or online consultation) with some knowledge.  We look at four popular prescription pills for hair loss and give you some information on them that will help you make a decision.

If you’ve met with your doctor already and are just looking for a place to buy prescription pills online at a reasonable price, buy from reputable sites only.  Buying generic medication is not only good for your wallet, it’s also just fine for your treatment.  Generic formulations are identical chemically.

However, before you start any new medication, you should consult with your doctor and make sure you have exhausted all natural solutions.

And do not waste your money on guides to buying prescription medications online.  Real pharmacies have transparent sales policies.  Be wary of places that claim to sell brand name drugs at discount prices – they could be forgeries (fake!) and do absolutely nothing for you.  We highly recommend to go with a legally operating, regulated pharmacy.  Because of it’s lower prices and government-regulated medication production, we recommend to buy from your local pharmacy.  Indian pharmacies provide quality items, but be sure it’s legal to purchase them where you are.

  • Avodart (and Generic Avodart)
  • Azulfidine (Sulfasalazine)
  • Aldactone
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