Before you take Avodart

Avodart is a promising cure for hair loss, but there’s some things you need to do before you take Avodart.

  • Get a liver test.  A person with an unhealthy liver probably shouldn’t take Avodart (but talk with your doctor).
  • Get an overall blood work up.  You may have other health issues that prevent you from taking Avodart.
  • Speak with you doctor to confirm that taking Avodart is the right thing for you.
  • Figure out what the cost of Avodart will be for you.  In some cases, insurance may cover it, in other cases, there’s no chance.  Find out before you start treatment.  Generic Avodart online might be cheapest for you, but investigate before you buy!
  • Weigh the financial burden of taking Avodart with its benefits.  If you can’t continue treatment with Avodart, it’s not worth taking!  (For hair loss).

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