Generic Propecia: The Rumors

Generic Propecia (Finasteride) is the subject of many Internet rumors.  In this multi-part series, I will look at some of the rumors going around regarding the use of Generic Propecia.  While most rumors are unfounded, there are usually snippets of truth that cause the rumor to flourish.  And there’s actually rumors that are true – like the one about different pharmacies charging for the same medication!

Don’t listen to Internet rumors, listen to logic and the truth.  I’ve provided you with a list of common Internet rumors about the use of generic Propecia.  Read them, think about it and decide for yourself if generic Propecia is the way you’re going to go to fight your hair loss.

If you decide not to take generic Propecia, you shouldn’t not take it because of these silly rumors!

  • Generic Propecia and Insect Parts
  • Generic Propecia and Price Gouging
  • Generic Propecia and Amphetamines
  • Generic Propecia and Animal Testing
  • Generic Propecia and Child Labor
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