Generic Propecia and Amphetamines

Generic Propecia does not contain amphetamines!  Generic Propecia is the same exact chemical formulation as regular Propecia.  It’s name, Finasteride, is the same.  If you compared brand name Propecia with generic Propecia, they would be exactly the same.

I’m not sure why people think that generic Propecia has amphetamines in it, perhaps there might have been an occasion of fraud from disreputable pharmacies?  Or maybe the excitement from finally getting generic Propecia made someone think that they were on amphetamines.

No matter the root of this rumor, let me be clear on this – generic Propecia does not contain amphetamines in any way shape and form.  If you get pills from disreputable pharmacies, it’s possible that they could be something else.  If you want to buy generic Propecia online, be careful to buy only from reputable online pharmacies!

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