Generic Propecia and Animal Testing

Generic Propecia (Finasteride) is a safe drug that is FDA approved.  When pharmacies manufacture a generic version of Propecia, they do not need to test the drug again.  Modern chemistry allows them to take their version of generic Propecia and compare it chemically to name brand Propecia.  It seems silly to think in this day and age we would test potentially dangerous medication on animals, but in some cases it is still done.  However, in the case of generic Propecia, there are no indicators that animals are used to test this drug.

Since hair loss drugs, like Propecia, can be dangerous for people to touch, the efficacy of testing them on animals is about zero.  Meaning that there is nothing to be gained on testing these drugs on animals.
If you are going to buy generic Propecia, rest assured that your medication was not tested on animals!

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