Generic Propecia and Insect Parts

As you may have read already in our series on Generic Propecia and rumors, there’s lots of funny things people say about Finasteride!  One of the strangest was the rumor that generic Propecia contains insect parts.  Let me explain . . .

For every manufactured product, there is an allowance for insect parts.  During the normal and regular manufacture of food or cosmetics, insects will naturally enter into the process.  Even for things processed in the U.S. there is an allowance for insect or insect part presence.  Just because there is an allowance for this, does not mean that it’s encouraged, desired or even happens!

The rumor about generic Propecia and insect parts is just that – a rumor!  While it could happen that insect parts become integrated into the product during the manufacturing process, it’s no more true for generic Propecia than any other food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical.

If you want to buy generic Propecia, don’t let this silly rumor stop you!

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