Before You Start Propecia

10 Things to do Before You Start Propecia

1.) See a doctor about the cause of your hair loss
2.) Get a blood screening to make sure it’s safe to take Propecia
3.) Get doctor’s approval for using Propecia
4.) Find out how much Propecia will cost you (and check out generic Propecia online)
5.) Include Propecia in your financial plans – it will stop working when you stop taking it, so make sure you can continue treatment.
6.) Make sure you can use Propecia safely – it shouldn’t be touched by women, children or pets. Find a safe place to store it.
7.) Calm down and don’t get anxious about seeing results – it could be at least three months before results.
8.) Make sure that you are taking any vitamins you need so that a vitamin deficiency doesn’t inhibit new growth.
9.) Use a dandruff shampoo to make sure that dryness or dandruff doesn’t hurt new growth.
10.) Make sure hair is at its healthiest before starting Propecia, so your new hair growth is healthy hair growth.

Good luck on your Propecia journey!

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