How much does Propecia cost?

Brand name Propecia can be expensive! Here’s a rundown of some recent prices.  As I previously stated, you must take Propecia without a break and when you stop taking it, it stops working.  Making Propecia a part of your financial plans is key to making it work!

$213.49 – (1 mg Finasteride x 90)
$79.95 – (1 mg Finasteride x 30)

# 30 Tablets
# 60 Tablets
# 90 Tablets
# 120 Tablets
# 180 Tablets
# 270 Tablets
# 360 Tablets

If you find that this is too expensive for you, consider buying generic Propecia online.

The cost of Propecia is a really important thing to consider in your treatment.  I cannot emphasize enough that if you are not prepared for following through with your Propecia treatment, it’s not worth doing!  When you stop taking it, it stops working.

There’s also Canadian pharmacies where you get a free Viagra with purchase and other incentives.  But be ware, you may have to pay for a consultation with a doctor in Canada or other charges.  Read the fine print before you purchase!

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