Proscar (Finasteride 5mg)

Proscar is the 5mg version of Propecia (Finasteride). It’s the same drug, but in a larger dose.  Read about Generic Propecia and it’s basically the same information, however also read “things to consider” below.

Enough talk, I just want to buy generic Proscar

Some things to consider if you are going to buy the 5 mg Finasteride:

– the dust created when breaking the pills up is extremely harmful to women – they cannot touch it AT ALL

– make sure your doctor says it’s OK for you to take the 5 mg dose!

– it is much cheaper (per mg) to purchase than the 1 mg Finasteride

– if you are shopping for this drug, make sure to pay attention to the number of pills you get.  Many pharmacies offer this drug “cheap,” but you only get a few pills (and pay shipping!)

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