Generic Proscar

Proscar is available under generic forms. Generic Proscar is actually 5mg Propecia.  Many people buy the pills and break them, but take heed, women and children cannot come in contact with these broken pills.  It is extremely dangerous!  There is also no real evidence that taking Proscar is more effective than just taking Propecia.  Consult your doctor!

The same information written about Propecia also applies to Proscar.  However, the clinical research about Propecia might not apply to Proscar.  The research done on Propecia is generally done with the Propecia dose.

If you’re debating between brand name Proscar and generic Proscar, they’re about the same!  Just like any other generic versus brand name prescription drugs, the chemical properties are identical!

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  • Fincar (Generic Proscar by Cipla)
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